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Sarah Jane's clients have this to say:


Thank you for being wonderful, patient, humorous coach. You have helped me re-evaluate my own values, establish some new boundaries. You supported me in changing beliefs and hold myself steady and tall defending my own values. Your questions helped me develop a structure to go and find more help and made it easier to take some "decisions" I was avoiding to take before. The fruits of our sessions together will keep on growing. Due to my own valuable coaching experience with you, I have decided to follow the ADDCA coaching training.


As for the benefits of coaching, for me it is like having someone the equivalent of a line manager when you are an employee. They help you to identify goals and set targets, and later to review achievements.

There are differences: the authority is bestowed on the coach, rather than demanded by a work hierachy. Motivation derives from having a scrutineer and reflector, rather than someone who wields power and the threat of punishment.

The benefits are specific to what the coachee requires, or lacks, in his job/life. For me, goal setting and reviewing of achievements were my key objectives, because I achieve my goals best when I have the pressure of having a scrutineer pressing me on.


In seeking a coach, myprimary objective was help in organizing my life to free up enough "mental space" to be able to write on a regular basis. Sarah Jane has helped me to do just that by giving me isights into managing life with ADD, practical solutions tailored to my particular situation, and the appropriate level of support along the was. The benefits of my work with Sarah Jane over the past year extend far beyond writing into every aspect of my life. I feel much more in control.

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