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I want to change my ADD life. What can I do?

ADD has strengths as well as weaknesses; like heads and tails, you can't have one without the other.

Attention Deficit Disorder is not an illness (inspite of the name) and there is no "cure". ADD is a way of life, a difference in the way you see and move in the world.

You can learn to manage the world and use your brain.

There are many ways to train your brain. Usually a combination of medication, ADD coaching and exercise is most effective. Each individual needs to discover what combination works best for him or her.

Here are some ways that you can change your life:ADHD in action

  • Life Styles for ADD
    You can do many things for yourself. A good program includes exercise, what to eat, how to breath, how to get to sleep and how to enjoy.

  • Maintenance for ADD
    If your car runs on two cylinders you take it to the garage. If your brain sputters take it to a doctor for a checkup.

  • ADD Coaching
    A coach is a partner who guides you to new ways of seeing yourself and the world. An ADD coach who knows how ADD feels and understands the ADD brain can help you value your strengths and structure your life. Try a free session of ADD Coaching and see for yourself.

  • Celebrating ADD
    Learn to appreciate the passion and sparkle which are the gift of ADD.

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