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Sarah Jane Keyser : ADD Coach

At seven years old I felt different, somehow outside like a fly on the wall: seeing but unseen. Life went on around me, but I wasn't included. School was not obviously a problem, I graduated from Radcliffe cum laude. I thought I could have done better but didn't understand why I did as well as I did.

Next I jumped into computer programming like a duck into water. This was still in the early days of computers when there were no courses to take; I learned what I needed on my own. Forty years later I came up for air to discover a changed world and a new career. I decided that people were more interesting than computers.

An MS in Technical Communication An MA in Human Resource Development, , But inattentive ADD kept getting in the way of my plans and dreams.

Once ADD was identified and the guidance that coaching, I added ADD Coach training at the ADD Coach Academy: to prepare me for a new career as a personal coach. As an insatiable learner I have completed The Newfield Network's graduate coaching programme "Mastery in Coaching" and a programme "Coaching Kids and Teens" by Jodi Sleeper-Triplett MCC.

I have always enjoyed helping others understand, whether they were confused computer users or debutante bridge players. Now I am delighted to be in a position to help people with ADD over come the sorts of challenges that I myself have struggled with.

Want to know more? I am an American living in Switzerland for forty years. How did I get to Switzerland? I came to ski and met my husband, an Englishman working at CERN near Geneva.

I have two children who survived growing up; they both have ADD characteristics, my daughter was anorexic and bulimic for nearly 10 years. If I had known then what I know now about ADD, we would all have been happier and healthier.

Wanda, a hyperactive dogTo complete the story, I now have a hyperactive dog, Wanda, and here she is. For me, she is like a dose of ritalin.

I coach in French and English by telephone.

I am member of the ICF, CHADD, ASPEDAH

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