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What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD)?

What is the challenge?

Tent caterpillars create a cocoon for an entire colony. Researchers discovered that within the apparently identical members of the colony, there are two types of caterpillar. One type called pioneers weave the long threads that form the skeleton of the tent cocoon. The other called workers weave cross threads filling in the structure. If there are too many pioneers, the tent is too big and collapses. If there are not enough pioneers, the tent is too dense and the colony suffocates. Viva la difference.

Today we accept differences which used to be problems. In the 13th century a left-handed person was thought to be the devil's assistant. Today left-handedness is seen as a difference, and children learn to adapt to the right-handed world. An ADHD brain

Human beings differ just like tent catepillars. Thom Hartman talks about the ADHD Hunter and the Farmer. We can call them the manager and the ADHD entrepreneur or the ADHD artist and the accountant.

ADHD is creative, thinks in big pictures, may be impulsive, hot on the chase, but can't balance his bank account. The other keeps the trains running on time and calculates the budget, but fears and resists change. Both play necessary roles in today's society.

In recent research scientists have learned how parts of the brain function, and no surprise, they have found differences in the way brains work.

For some people this neurological difference in the brain with the name Attention Deficit and/or Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) causes chronic and severe problems in three areas of life managment: Paying attention, taking action, and reacting impulsively. ADHD has two variations, the hyperactive - impulsive type and the inattentive type.

What you might see in yourself, your spouse, or friends is disorganization, emotional reactivity, under-achievement, low self-esteem, impaired relationships, depression.

Understanding how your brain works can lead to successful change.

In the past 20 years, new technology has allowed researchers to look inside the brain. Here are some of the things they have learned:

  • ADHD Brains are different.
  • ADHD Brain activity relates to behavior.
  • ADHD Brains grow and change with use, like muscle.

You can train your brain.

To learn more about how to train your brain : What you can do.

To learn more about ADHD:

What does ADHD feel like? What does the research say? Women and ADHD
Take the test What is Pseudo ADHD? Mabel Retires witn ADD

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