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Personal Coaching: Plans and Fees

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Who do I coach?

I coach women who have a passion for life but struggle to achieve success due to the disorganization of ADHD

I coach adolescents and start-up adults who have difficulty fixing goals and planning the route to success due to ADHD

Some goals my clients ask to work on:

  • Organizing piles of paper
  • Getting places on time
  • Managing overwhelm when faced with multiple tasks
  • Managing finanaces

  • Individual coaching

    You are ready to make changes in your life to tame the ADHD monster and achieve your long term goals and a life in balance with your cherished ideals.

  • My standard plan for individual coaching is three 30 minute sessions by telephone per month for 150-250 CHF (110-200 US$) for three months minimum.

  • My intensive plan is three 60 minute sessions by telephone for a minmum of three months

  • Just for you.If you want to work more or less, we can agree another schedule to meet your personal requirements.

  • If I come to you, travel costs are included. Send me an email, Sarah Jane Keyser to fix a time for a get-acquainted session.

    Free 1/2 hour session

    You're curious about ADHD and would like to talk about it,
    You think you might like to try coaching, but aren't quite sure,
    You want a coach and would like to know more about me,

    Send me an email to set up a time to call for your free 1/2 hour interview,
    Sarah Jane Keyser.

    Courses and Presentation

    STEP® Systematic Training for Effective Parenting

    A practical approach to guide you through the challenges of today's parenting issues.

    Courses are held in small groups in order to allow interaction between participants and the facilitator. They take place weekly for 6 consecutive weeks, 2:00 hours each.

    Geneva at Life Motivations (Bellevue)

    Type of workshop: STEP® for 6-12

    Teusdays Jan 15, 22, 29, Feb 5, 26, Mar 4

    Time: 19:30-21:30

    Price : Single 180.- + manual     Couple 240.- + manual

    Reserve your place now. Sarah Jane Keyser, or 022 361 6958.

    The main topics

    • Understanding your child's behavior and the goals of misbehavior
    • The important role of encouragement
    • Communicating with your child
    • Understanding your child's developmental stages
    • Helping children cooperate
    • Reflective listening, listening for feelings and words
    • Discipline that makes sense
    • Setting appropriate limits
    • Giving choices
    • Experiencing consequences
    • Cooperative problem solving

    For more information about STEP

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