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ADHD Coaching for adults with Attention Deficit Disorder, Inattentive and hyperactive

ADHD Coaching is a partnership dedicated to you. ADHD Coaching provides support and encouragement for you to follow your passion and realize the visions of your childhood.

ADHD Coaching will help you vanquish negative thought patterns and help you build strategies to master organization and time management. New confidence and a healthy self image provide the motor to climb your personal mountains.

ADHD Coach

     As your coach I listen to your stories of pain and frustration and I hear your wholeness, your strengths and hidden resources. Powerful questions open up new vistas to explore. Making choices leads to ownership instead of victimization. The result is a new awareness of self. As your coach I am your loudest cheer leader; and I expect you to succeed.

ADHD Coaching starts with an inventory of where you are now and where you want to go. Many clients want help organizing, managing time, and surviving overwhelm . You will choose two or three areas on which you want to focus in your coaching.

In following sessions, held once a week by telephone, I will hear your weekly success report, help you explore problems that have arisen and ask you to choose and commit to your next steps for the coming week.

A successful ADHD coaching relationship requires honesty and a willingness to change. You will do the work of creating new habits. It is important that this is important to you and not your spouse, parent or employer. I ask your permission to be honest with you. It may be hard, but important for you to learn how others see you.

What my ADHD Coaching clients have to say about coaching.

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Have some doubts? I offer you a free ADHD coaching session. Contact me today. Please give me some times when you can talk and the time zone where you live so I can synchronize our rendez-vous.Sarah Jane Keyser

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