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Frequently asked questions about coaching for ADHD ...

What are the benefits of ADHD Coaching?
Through coaching you can focus on your sense of self, clarify your goals, expand your sense of choice and get into action with responsibility.

Why is it important to have an ADHD Coach
If you are struggling with attention deficit disorder either the hyperactive or inattentive type, you should find a coach who is trained for ADHD coaching. An ADHD coach will provide you with valuable insights into how ADHD is affecting you and will know that you need lots of positive encouragement and will help you build structure into your life to manage disorganization, manege time and smooth your social relations.

What does a coach do for ADD?
A coach asks you questions about how you are functioning in your life; she provides insight into the effect of ADD on you, and she shares skills to help you define and reach your goals, solve your problems and make the most out of you and your opportunities. The weekly sessions help you focus on your objectives, and accountability encourages you to accomplish more, more quickly than you would do on your own. A coach encourages and supports you.

How does coaching work?
Coaching is delivered during regular weekly sessions usually by telephone (or SKYPE), though in person sessions are also used. Together you and your coach review what's going on in your life generally and the progress made on specific goals which you have identified. Targets for the following week are agreed and progress is tracked. This method helps you to form a clear idea of your needs and goals and moves you into action.

Does coaching by telephone work?
Coaching by telephone is enormously successful. Most clients find that the lack of visual distractions allows them to focus more effectively. It's convenient, time- and cost-effective and gives you a wider choice of coaches from which to choose.

Why can't I ask a friend to help me
You can, if you have a friend who is prepared to dedicate time on a regular basis to listening and encouraging you to achieve your objectives. The risk is that close friends and family members may be too involved with you emotionally to be objective and unbiased about you and your wishes.

How long does coaching take?
The time depends on what you want. If you come for a specific and well defined reason, one or a few sessions will suffice. If you want to explore undefined matters, you will need more time to grow into the process and profit to the maximum. Coaches generally ask for a three to six month committment. Of course, if you start and decide that coaching is not for you after all, your coach will normally not insist on continuing.

How do coaching and therapy differ?
Therapy generally focuses on emotional healing, the causes of behavior and how the person got to where they are. Coaching looks ahead and focuses on action and removing obstacles which prevent you from moving forward. Some people work with a coach while they are in therapy.

How should I get started?
I offer a get-acquainted interview or a sample coaching session. Use the call to find out if you like my personality and style. Also learn if I have the training and background to understand and work with your situation.

If you think having a coach will give you that boost you've been looking for, send me an email for a free 30 minute chat to get acquainted and explore how coaching could benefit you. Sarah Jane Keyser

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