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Children with Attention Deficit Disorder - Hyperactive Type

Who is Max?

Max had problems. He knew what to do, but somehow he kept getting into trouble. His classmates called him Mad Max and that made him mad and got him into more trouble. He felt as though someone else was in the driving seat, maybe an extra terrestrial, someone who was determined to sabotage him.

ADHD Hyperactive Boy

He knew he was supposed to sit still and listen to the teacher, but his foot kicked out, his back side squirmed, his back arched until he fell over backward, all with no conscious direction from him. He heard the teacher say "Tomorrow's assignment is…" and the next thing he heard was the gurgling radiator or the lawn mower outside.

Max's teacher had a problem. "He just can't pay attention. I tell him 20 times a day. Max listen to me! and he says 'Yes Miss Wilson.' and the next thing he falls off his chair and the class is in an uproar."

Max's parents had problems from morning to night. Was getting him out of bed and off to school in the morning the worst? Or was getting him into bed at night the worst? "But he can pay attention when he wants to. He knows the name and dates of every dinosaur that ever walked the earth."

The doctor had no problem diagnosing Max as AD/HD, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. When Max said that he thought there was an extra terrestrial in his brain, the doctor laughed and explained that it wasn't an ET. The problem, he said, was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Max's brain. The CEO loves dinosaurs so he's right there holding the joy stick and pushing the buttons, but when the teacher starts talking the CEO goes out to lunch. With no one in the command center, the other players, his arms and legs and mouth, were free to act up.

exercise for ADHDThe doctor prescribed medication to help keep the CEO awake and on the job and suggested that Max take up Tai Kwan Do and make some changes to his diet. Coaching helped his parents to help Max learn strategies to manage his brain better.

Max grew up to become a famous professor in paleontology.


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